Wedge Wire

Wedge wire provides a unique combination of two very important features: mechanical strength and aperture efficiency. It can be easily rolled, bent, and welded. Accurate aperture can be achieved with wedge wire together with the strength required to carry heavy loads.

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    Materials Available

    1. SS430
    2. SS304
    3. SS316
    4. SS316L

    Wedge Wire

    Classification of Wedge Wire:
    Apertures are available from 0.1mm up to 15mm and in a variety of wire profiles.
    Wedge wire is available in many designs and include the following:

    1. Flat Sheets
    2. Sieve Bends
    3. Cylinders
    4. Candle Filters
    5. Water Well Screens
    6. Laterals
    7. Elements
    8. Baskets


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