Wire Conveyor Belts

Our conveyor belts are used in many applications such as freezing tunnels, shrink wrap tunnels, ovens, furnaces and general industrial applications, with the food industry being our biggest market. Tegman offers a general 20-25 working day turnaround time on most of our belts, however, the more involved, larger belts do take longer to supply. In some cases, we can offer delivery in 2-5 working days – the type of belt permitting.

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    Types of Weaves

    Tegman’s wire conveyor belts are available in a number of weaves:

    1. Balance Weave
    2. Flat Spiral Weave
    3. Cord Weave
    4. Duplex Weave
    5. Honey Comb
    6. Ladder Belt
    7. Freezer Belts
    8. Hex Mesh Belts


    Materials Available

    Wire Belts are available in the following materials:

    1. Mild Steel
    2. Galvanized Steel
    3. SS304
    4. SS316
    5. Other materials are available on request.

    Edge Finishing

    The following Edge Finishing is available:

    1. Welded Edge
    2. Ladder Edge – Tegman also supply rollers and sprockets in Nylon and Stainless Steel.
    3. Honey Comb Edge
    4. Chain Edge – Many types of chain are available, and sprockets to suit are also manufactured.


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