Woven Wire Screens

We offer a large range of woven wire mesh screens, manufactured from the highest quality high carbon Mn65 material in a large variety of apertures and weaves for both static and mobile screens. We offer a competitive turnaround time on delivery and consignment stock can also be discussed.

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    Wire Types

    1. Plain
    2. Intermediate
    3. Lock Crimp
    4. Flat Top
    5. Slotted
    6. Harp – Square & Tri
    7. Heavy-Duty Welded Screen
    8. Eazi Flow Screens

    Aperture to wire ratio will determine which weave is used as standard in most cases.

    Materials Available

    1. High Carbon Spring Steel
    2. Stainless Steel 304
    3. Stainless Steel 316
    4. Any other material on request.

    Mineral being screened and any contaminates will determine what material is most suitable.

    Screening Accessories

    Screening Accessories available:

    1. Clamping Plates
    2. Capping/Nosing Rubber
    3. Clamp Bolt


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